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Danish Clay Design

With high-quality ceramics from Danish Clay Design, Lærke Møller Hansen aims to bring value to even the small moments of everyday life and enrich your home with beautiful and simple design in earthy colors.

For her, form and aesthetics go hand in hand with functionality and great design - a solid foundation that she continues to explore.
Lærke is curious about clay as a material and what it contributes to in the process from raw clay to ceramics.
She throws and glazes all products by hand and develops her own glazes. Her selection of work consists of both unique pieces and smaller batches of production thrown pots.

On a study trip to Japan, she fell in love with Japanese aesthetics and culture. As a result, her ceramic expression and primary source of inspiration is Japanese simplicity.

Lærke believes the quality of the things that surround us impacts our daily lives. She appreciates handmade products, where the craftsmanship behind them can be seen and felt - with ceramics from Danish Clay Design she aims to bring you this experience.

Lærke Møller Hansen is a graduate from the Royal Danish Academy’s School of Design, Bornholm.
Her studio and showroom is based in Odense, Denmark.

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