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Eins und Viele

Eins und Viele is a small Berlin based Design Studio for furniture and lighting from artisanal and regional production. Eins und Viele is a project for a counter-globalization with the goal of combining the advantages of the global with the advantages of the local.

Currently the focus is on a minimalist lamp series made of steel or stainless steel which is available in different sizes and colors and can also be customized individually. All objects are made by regional craftsmen in small batch production and each lamp receives a certificate of local production with an indication of the place of manufacture. The lights are produced in Berlin and Basel and sold mainly directly via our online store or in selected shops in Zurich, Basel, Winterthur and Lausanne. At the beginning of this year we opened our first showroom in Berlin.

Eins und Viele_shooting_2022_10_1.jpg
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