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JAPAN FORM brings designs characterized by quiet elegance and functionality. Led by Hironori Tsukue, a Japanese designer with experience in Sweden, the brand emphasizes the shared values of comfort, beauty, and sustainable craftsmanship between Japan and Scandinavia. Tsukue's mission is to offer timeless designs tailored to different lifestyles and to showcase Japan's creative prowess globally.


JAPAN FORM introduces the work of Japanese porcelain artist Hirotaka Tobimatsu to Denmark for the first time. Tobimatsu, working from a small studio in Tokyo, employs casting and molding techniques to create unique porcelain lighting. Inspired by early 20th-century "milk glass lamps," Tobimatsu aims to honor tradition while providing modern lighting solutions. It is a privilege to introduce these softly illuminating lamps to the Scandinavian people, known for their delicate appreciation of light.

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