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We have been designing, producing and selling design furniture that is different, seductive & pure for more than 30 years. Using sleek lines, comfortable materials and contemporary frames, Jess designs are alluring additions to any home or garden. Just like the Jess team, our designs form families that fit together beautifully and also stand out on their own. Familiar, pure and always unique.


The Jess collections are effortlessly pure and beautiful, seductive and comfortable. They are different because of their idiosyncratic shapes and materials. Be inspired by our timeless collections that will complement any interior. 


As an international brand, we want to have an eye for people and the environment. In recent years, we have therefore increasingly focused on sustainable entrepreneurship. Because sustainability is a top priority for Jess. We only work with natural materials that can be fully reused. The entire production process also takes place in the Netherlands and we aim to work with as many local partners as possible.

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