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nikolova/aarsø is an architeture and desig studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

As a studio, we are driven by curiosity and a passion for creating architecture and design that transcend conventions. We strive to constantly explore, experiment, and push the boundaries of what is possible. Our approach is rooted in a strong belief in the power of creative design and architec­ture to positively impact our planet.

One of our primary focuses is challenging traditional construction methods that rely on repet­itive systems and structures. Instead, we embrace innovation and actively seek opportu­nities to develop and utilise bio-based materials. We firmly believe that architecture and design should never be boring.

By combining our technical expertise, artistic vision, and humanistic values, we strive to create a design that not only pleases the eye but also contributes to a better future. This holistic approach to design showcases our comprehensive understanding of the field and our commitment to creating impactful solutions.
never boring / always biobased  

About the table design NA01:
NA01 is a physical state of balance and simplicity in its purest form. Natural stone is the core of the table design. All parts are made from 100% natural stone without mechanical fasteners. The tables’ sculptural expression has been achieved by calculating the centre of gravity for natural stone.  This means the table can not be made from wood or other materials—one material for everything – an ode to the beauty of the natural material.

NA01 in Forest Quartzite_Top view.jpg
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