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Since Vestre’s early beginnings in 1947, design, quality, and sustainability have been at the forefront. For more than 75 years, we have been involved in creating social and sustainable meeting places for millions of people through our urban furniture. With the goal of making the world a slightly better place, both for people and for the planet, one neighborhood at a time. And with the right to roam as a guiding principle for urban spaces. At Vestre, it’s a given that urban spaces belong to everyone, and this mindset is gaining increasing international attention.


We have been steadfast in our values and turned down lucrative projects we believe threaten the right to roam through hostile design, for example. We are uncompromising on quality and have chosen local raw materials of the highest quality, as we want to create something lasting that can bring joy for generations to come.


We are also uncompromising on sustainability, and in 2022 we opened the world's most environmentally friendly furniture factory in Magnor in Norway. By controlling the value chain, we can ensure that the products we produce are as sustainable as possible. The goal of being recognized as the world's most sustainable furniture manufacturer comes with a responsibility to spearhead innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. And to be open and transparent and show the world how we are doing it—so that we can inspire others.


Finally, we never compromise on design, and therefore choose to work with Scandinavia's leading designers. We are also fortunate in Scandinavia that our design characterized by functionality and accessibility has become more and more celebrated around the world.

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